Monday, June 13, 2011

Tom & Becky wedding 9.25 (my birthday too!)

It has been a while since the wedding, but this week we got photos! YAY!

 This was such a fun wedding!!! I brought just a few bunches of flowers with me to the farm, where the wedding was held. When I got there, there were BUCKETS of wild flowers waiting! I did all of the arrangements (minus the bouquets) on the day of the wedding, on location!

The rain mostly held off!

This is the Groom and the Minister about 40min before the wedding!

 Shawn (best man and brother), Mom, Tom (groom)
 Patiently waiting.

Can you believe this couple has been together for 12 years! They were committed before the wedding, now they just have the lovely piece of paper!

Unique floral design using organic and sustainably grown flowers

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