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EcoFlora's article in Columbus Alive!

Q&A: Eva Provenzale


Wednesday, June 8, 2011  07:37 PM

Columbus Alive

Eva Provenzale
Age: 25
Day job: Patient care associate, Ohio State University Medical Center
Neighborhood: Weinland Park
Hometown: Columbus
Petals and vases, color and glass adorn the small upstairs studio where Eva Provenzale arranges bouquets for EcoFlora, the organic floral service she started last year. On Sept. 1, she'll move her budding business into a Clintonville storefront at the corner of East Weber Road and North High Street.
The florist shared about living a life in bloom.

In Cleveland, I needed a job, so I got a job at a garden center. I loved it. I worked 60 hours a week there. They were also florists, so I got to talk to the ladies who had been there 20 years doing flower arranging.

When I moved back home, there was a flower shop opening up near my parents' house. I managed that building, and then I decided to go back to school to do nursing. That's why I got the job at the hospital. But the more I work there, the more I realize I like doing this.

My grandmother was in a garden club, and she used to do flower arrangements for competition. My mom said she constantly won first place. So I think it's kind of in my blood.

I love everything about flowers. I love arranging them, putting them together. Obviously, flowers are already beautiful. But once you put them together, I think you can coordinate colors and really send a message.

Since I've been doing this on my own, I've been doing the deliveries as well. I love to see people's faces when you drop things off. I'll walk out, and I'll wait just a second. I always hear, "Oh, oh my gosh!" Every time.

In our new space, we'll have fresh flowers on hand all the time. During the growing season, all of them will be from Central Ohio. The space is so big that we think we're going to turn some of it into an art gallery. We'll also have local crafts. We want to make it a cool place to hang out but also have everything there that people can buy.

Flowers are not a need. People aren't coming to you because they have to. They're coming to you because they want to.

I actually have gotten flowers from my boyfriend once. Since I've met him, I've been working at a flower shop. When we get into arguments, if he feels like he needs to do something, he's like, "What do I do now?"

Three things I can't live without are my family, human interaction and home-cooked meals.

Columbus Alive Q&A with Eva Provenzale

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