Friday, May 6, 2011

Recycled Jars As Vases For Your Bridal Shower

diy eco couture flower vase ideas

What was used:
- Recycled Jars, Tubs, Cans
- Wrapping Paper
- Wax Paper
- White Floral Mesh
- Left over twine
- Left over ribbon
- Scotch Tape
- Scissors
- Hydrangeas, Amaryllis Belladonna, & Lambs Ear

hydrangeas flowers LA flower mart

diy wedding vase ideas
as see on ruffled blog
This is a wonderful way to save on cost for your bridal shower as well as reduce your wedding's carbon footprint. After the shower send the bouquets home with your guest. The jars can be continuous reused and the flowers added to the compost!

Unique floral design using organic and sustainably grow flowers

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