Friday, May 13, 2011

DIY Garden Lanterns

Easy to make DIY wedding lanterns!

I made these little lanterns out of recycled jam glasses & a bit of steel wire. It's really easy, takes no time, costs almost nothing & best of all - the lanterns look fabulous!
What you need to make a lantern:
1: Recycled glass jar
2: Steel wire (1 piece to make the lantern handle & 1 piece to make loop that goes around top of lantern – measure is needed)
3: Beach sand
4: One small candle or tea light

DIY wedding lanterns - tutorial on how to!
Image 1:First measure out the length of the steel wire you need for the loop, add an extra 3-4 inches and cut off your first bit of wire.

Image 2:
½ inch in on your wire you make the first small loop. This is one of the two loops the loop the handle will go through later. To get a perfectly round loop I use a pen or something similar to shape my loop with. This way I can get two identical loops for my lantern.

Image 3:
Now place the loop on one side of your jar and pull the excess wire half way around the jar so it end exactly opposite your first loop. Make a reference point (bend the wire) as this is where you need to make your second loop for the handle.
Image 4:Now make you second loop like you made the first loop (see image 2)

Image 5:Place the wire around the glass jar and secure the two wire ends by twisting them around each other. Cut off excess wire.Image 6:Cut off your last piece of wire to the length you want your handle to be in. Shape it as shown on the picture and pull each end of your “handle” through the loops.

Your lantern is ready and you can now decorate it with ribbon or stickers or something else or you can leave it as it is. To avoid the candles moving around inside the lanterns it’s a good idea to put a little bit of sand at the bottom of the jars.

This little DIY wedding project becomes easier and easier the more lanterns you make.

I hope you enjoy making your lanterns.
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