Monday, September 26, 2011

Uniquely YOUR style bouquet

When country super-star, Miranda Lambert, walked down the aisle to meet her cowboy, and fellow country super-star, Blake Shelton, she not only rocked her stellar cowboy boots, she carried a brooch bouquet designed from pieces given to her by her bridesmaids. InnCredible!

And Miranda is not the only bride choosing to walk 'flower free'. As 'green' trends gain in popularity, couples are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, and for some, bridal bouquets are taking on a whole new look. In fact, if you can imagine it, you can probably bouquet-it!

Brooch bouquets are by-far the most popular twist on the traditional flower bouquet. And while these bouquets are gorgeous, they can also be a wee bit on the heavy side. It is reported that Miranda's bouquet weighed about 5 pounds! But, does any bride really care when she's carrying a bouquet this beautiful!!! Nope, not one little bit!

If you're not 'into' brooches, how about buttons? We all have button jars at home, right? How sweet is this? Love it!

Another big trend this year is paper flower bouquets. In fact, the latest edition of 'The Knot - Northern California' has an entire page devoted to paper bouquets. Lovely! And, I can't even tell these are paper, can you?

And while we're talking about paper, let's not forget the most popular paper art, origami. If you love origami, here's the perfect bouquet! And, I don't know about you, but to me, those look like dollar bills. Talk about a 'head start' on marriage!

Pinwheels are hugely popular too...and if your theme is centered around this fun childhood favorite, why not carry that theme through your bouquet? Darling...darling...darling!

Love feathers? Well take a look at this InnCredible's so whimsical!

Every year the butterflies come back to Pacific Grove, California, but you can have them with you on your special day with a fab butterfly bouquet. Don't you just love this! It's so bright and colorful.

And, if you're a crafty-girl, you might want to consider this fun felt bouquet complete with button centers. All I can say is...too cute for words! We have some of this style of awesome "flowers" in the shop now!

If you really want to go DIY, this ribbon bouquet might just be your 'cup of tea'.
All you non-traditional, edgy brides might want to consider an awesome metal bouquet...

Love the look but want a bit more glam? Well, add a few pearls! Simple and elegant!

Getting married at the beach, then how about carrying a seashell bouquet as you walk down the sand to meet your husband-to-be! What a beautiful look!

And I couldn't end this blog post without mentioning one of our favorite trends...succulents. If you're using succulents on your tables, why not carry this campy bouquet?

The good news about these bouquets is that they will last virtually forever!
Well, accept for the succulent bouquet, that is...

Just remember, the choice is always yours. Pick the bouquet that fits your personality, the theme of your wedding and your colors, and enjoy your big day!
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