Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My favorite part about Recycled containers!

I just love using all recycled/up-cycled materials! It makes each arrangement unique to the person it is for! Today I had two orders that were very similar. One was for two dozen red roses and the other for two dozen yellow. At a traditional florist these two would look identical, just different in color. This is how they looked coming from EcoFlora:

This is two dozen Yellow roses in a mauve ceramic "bowling ball" looking vase. We tied the colors together using pink wax flower and it was stunning! The customer wanted yellow roses and something ceramic for his 9th anniversary. This absolutely perfect vase was picked out specifically for this customer.
This two dozen Red rose arrangement was a little more traditional in shape, but check out that vase! It is a vintage green vase that my Mom found at a second hand store! The accent in this arrangement is variegated pitt, which I adore!

Unique floral design using organic and sustainably grown flowers

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